Northside Baptist Youth


We are a community of 7th-12th graders who come together every Sunday night during the school year from 5:00 - 7:00 to share a meal, play a game, sing and talk. We have lock-ins, dinners and movies out, weekly Bible study, summer camp in Texas, and plenty of awkward moments and inside jokes just for you! Please know that whoever you are, you are unconditionally invited to be a part of the youth house community.


On Wednesday evenings at 6:00 we meet in the Youth House after supper to study and do homework.


If you would like to join us please come one Sunday night, or call/text Benjamin at 601-213-8043.


Youth Group Support 

Benjamin Smith, Youth Intern

2015 Youth Committee

Aaron Bond, Chair (2)

Emily Bufkin (3)

Susan McIlwain (1)

Roxie Parks (1)

Kimberly Corbett (2)

Allen Gearhart (3)

Greg Gearhart

Judy Gearhart

Sheila Wagner

Staff Liason: Stan Wilson

Youth Representatives
Erin Johnson
Noah Young
Staff Liason: Stan Wilson