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Our Programs


WORSHIP:  Sunday Worship at 10:30 a.m. is based upon the lectionary and has a liturgical slant.  We sing from a hymnal, and members utilize a printed order of worship to orient the service.  

SUNDAY SCHOOL:  Adult Sunday School classes at 9:15 a.m. are mixed and are based on exploring the lectionary scriptures for the day.   The youth Sunday School class meets in the youth building; children’s Sunday School classes are held in the education building.  

MUSIC:  Chancel (adult) Choir; Children’s Choirs; musicians within the membership often provide instrumental music.  

VESPERS:  After Wednesday night supper, church members gather for prayer, scripture reading, and singing.  Usually the service features a community lectio divina format, and occasionally there is a short Bible Study.  

RAs and GAs:  Mission groups for young people meet on Wednesday nights after church supper.  

PRAYER GROUP:  Led by the Associate Pastor, this adult group meets Wednesday mornings to pray for care-giving concerns.

SENIOR LUNCHEON PROGRAM:  Members of the congregation along with others from the community meet for monthly luncheons with speakers, either for Bible Study, entertainment, or civic information.  

THE BOOK CLUB:  Meets each month and reviews a variety of books, both religious and non-religious.  

SILVER SNEAKERS EXERCISE CLASS:  This exercise class for seniors is held twice a week.  

COMMITTEES and TEAMS:  Meet as scheduled and play an essential leadership role in the life of the church.    Committee members serve a specific term, while team membership is more flexible.  Current committees and teams are listed at the Resource Tab.

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