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Refugee Support

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship


On June 12, 19 and 26 the Missions Committee received a special offering for the refugee work in Lebanon and Turkey.  If you’d still wish to give, please designate on your check that it is for "refugee work".  If you give cash, please put it in an envelope and designate it for the "refugee work".  You gave generously to our Advent offering in December.  $15,000 of that offering went to our CBF field personnel in Lebanon and Turkey to use with the refugee ministry.  They were grateful and used these offerings to assist many.  The needs are great and this is another opportunity for us to help meet these needs.


Thank you for the wonderful response we have had thus far. Our CBF personnel in Turkey and Lebanon will be thankful for your wonderful response and will use these funds to minister to thousands of refugees now located in these two countries.


Gifts to date:  $13,447.00


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