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Partners in the Gospel


One year ago Pastor Paulo Cèsar and family were here from Brazil, and they announced the beginning stages of an orchestra for the children of the favela, or impoverished neighborhood of Alto da Mina. Our church in Brazil serves two favelas, and they have a mission house in Alto da Mina we helped them purchase. Our Advent offerings helped them purchase instruments for the orchestra.


Last Christmas the Wilson family was greeted by the orchestra as we stepped off the plane to celebrate Christmas with our church family in Brazil. This was their first concert and first trip out of the favela. They were learning one song, with the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It was a beautiful rendition.


Last week the orchestra traveled far, to the city of Salvador, in order to play for the Aliança (Alliance) of Baptists in Brazil. Here is a link to a performance of one of their songs. Enjoy listening to this festive Brazilian sound, and enjoy their heartfelt performance:


As you know, unfortunately, the bus was robbed on its return to Olinda. Some rings, watches, and phones were taken from the chaperones. Two valuable instruments were stolen from the conductor. Thankfully, the children’s instruments were stored under the bus and were not taken. We are very grateful that no one was hurt.


Let this music be a reminder to pray with hope and thanksgiving for the ministry of our church in Brazil and Clinton. We are partners in the same gospel, ministers in the same church.


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