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Northside Baptist Church’s 46th Birthday celebration honored Mack Murriel























Northside Baptist Church’s 46th Birthday celebration honored Mack Murriel, the longest serving staff member of Northside Baptist Church, who is retiring at the end of October.  Mack has served Northside Baptist Church for over 25 years as church custodian, since 1989.  For a time, Mack was the church chef, and many of us remember fondly his wonderful fried chicken.  He and his wife Virgie, and sons Mark and Troy have been always been a special part of the Northside family and their presence has been a blessing in so many ways.

Mack and his wife Virgie have been married for 51 years.  They are the parents of two sons; Mark and his wife Tabitha, and Troy and his wife Xavier, who is expecting the Murriel’s first grandchild in January of 2016. 

The Murriel family has attended Mount Hood Missionary Baptist Church for the last five years, and previous to that were members at Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, which was Mack’s home church.  Virgie grew up attending Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church.  Church and music and prayer have always been an important part of their lives.  Mack can often be heard humming or singing hymns while he works, and Virgie is a strong devoted woman of prayer.  Troy is a gifted musician in the church he and his wife attend, Mt. Elam Missionary Baptist Church.  Both Mark and Troy are graduates of Mississippi College.

Mack retired in May of 2010 after fifty years of service to Mississippi College.  Virgie and Mack assist Jimmie Street in the care of her husband Jim Street.  They are both gifted caregivers and valued friends to Jimmie and many others in our church.

Mack and Virgie Murriel were recognized during the service and also during the picnic on the grounds after the service.  We continue to give thanks for this dear gentle man and his family.



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