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Northside Baptist Church's
Forty-seventh Birthday Celebration


In the late sixties as the city of Clinton began to grow from a small town of less than 5,000 residents and new subdivisions began to crop up throughout the town, it was evident with more people, we would need more churches. One of these was to be Northside Baptist Church.  Some people in the Hinds-Madison Baptist Association felt like a church was needed on the north side of the City.  Dr. and Mrs. Norman O'Neal and Dr. and Mrs. F. D. Hewitt led a group to do surveys in these neighborhoods to see if they would support this new church.  With the assistance of Morrison Heights and First Baptist, a new church was started in Clinton.

The small church first met at the old Clinton High School, followed by a time at the Mississippi Power and Light Building.  About that time, one of the members got access to a large tent for the church to use.  The tent was a good idea, but maybe it wasn't.  It was very hot during the summer and very cold during the winter.

During Hurricane Camille, the tent blew down, and that may have hastened the construction of the first building in the fall of 1969.  Over the years, new construction has been completed for class rooms, a children's education building, a youth building and our current sanctuary.  This sanctuary was made possible by a large financial gift from one of our members, the late Nancy Bright.

During the ministry of seven pastors, Northside has gained a reputation as a church that cares for each of its members and is not afraid to address challenging issues.  Northside has had an open door policy in its constitution since it was begun, welcoming any person, without exception, who professes Jesus as Lord, to participate in any capacity. We believe strongly in the freedom of a local Baptist church to follow the movement of the Spirit. We welcome Christians from many traditions to worship and serve together.

Northside has a partner church in Brazil.  We have a year-round after school program for the children of Clinton. During football season, we have an active Clinton High School football ministry on Tuesday nights. Whenever possible, we roll up our sleeves and work alongside our neighbors for the good of our community. 

On Sunday night, July 24 at 6:00 p.m., we will celebrate the 47th birthday of this good church.  The food will be catered by The Tin Shed of Clinton.  All of our friends are invited to come help us celebrate.  


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