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Missions Committee Covenant

We covenant to encourage the congregation of Northside Baptist Church to be missionaries on Christ's behalf by being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in both usual and unusual ways.  We will assist church members to be free to work where they can use their gifts most effectively and where they can obey their sense of calling to the work of God.


To facilitate this, we will:


Pray regularly for one another, members of the congregation, and those outside our church.


1. Help keep the church focused on our missions that serve needs locally and globally.

2. Serve as a resource and encourager, assisting each member to:
     -Discover and affirm the gift(s) God has given them

     - Use each gift in God's service

     - Evoke, affirm, and celebrate these gifts

3. Assist members to publicize what they are doing to serve God in the community and around the world.

4. Give systematically and sacrificially of our resources to support our church's ministries.



The missions committee meets monthly.  The committee is responsible for setting the Advent Missions Offering goal and determining how the money will be spent.  The committee also coordinates a mission trip to Macedonia each summer where the volunteers teach English in the community of Konjare.  The committee has led the church to be involved in a water project in Konjare to insure that each family in the community has drinkable water.  In addition, a library has been started to provide the people of Konjare with books to read.


At the local level, the committee oversees a contingency fund to assist local people with needs as they arise.  The committee has also led several weekend trips to the coast to assist with hurricane recovery efforts.


The desire of the committee is to lead as many members of Northside as possible to become involved in hands-on missions.


Any member of Northside who desires to serve on the committee may do so by volunteering to serve.


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