Health Team Report as of 9/24/21

Due to decreasing rates of COVID-19 and the high rates of vaccination in our church we will return to indoor in-person worship on October 3rd.


In order for us to do this the following protocols MUST be observed. If you are unwilling to follow these protocols we ask that you worship from home

· Masking for all individuals above 2yo. fully covering the nose and mouth.

· Seating will be at least 6ft away from other households. Ropes between pews will remain in place.

· Pews will be dismissed from front to back, exiting out the side doors.

· There will be no fellowshipping  in groups indoors. Please fellowship outside.

· Windows in the sanctuary will remain open for the entirety of the service to increase airflow.

· Worship will be limited to 1hr or less.

· All will sign in before worship, and commit to the stated protocols.


We plan to begin regular Sunday School on October 17th for all ages. Virtual worship will continue for those who are more comfortable with that option. If there is an outbreak in the church, you  will be notified and we will change tactics.

COVID-19 Strategy 


Review our At-A-Glance strategy here.