COVID-19 Strategy 


We are in Point C

When cases are below “high risk” level 25/100,000 in Hinds County and falling


● Small indoor gatherings may resume

     ○ Ten persons or less

     ○ Following current government regulations for MS

     ○ Masked and appropriately distanced

     ○ Limited to groups within the church

     ○ Cleaning to occur after group(s) meet

          ■ Wipe down all flat surfaces, seats and door handles

     ○ Northside host will complete checklist before leaving

          ■ Meeting to be reviewed after

     ○ Time limited to less than 1.5 hours

     ○ No shared meals

          ■ Coffee/cookies may be consumed when people have returned to their distanced space

     ○ One meeting in the largest possible room of that building per day with one group on campus at a time.

          ■ Ex. If someone uses the fellowship hall, it will not be used again that day. But, someone could use the youth building later that same day, but not at the same time to limit persons on the campus.

     ○ COVID liability waiver required

● Larger outdoor gatherings may resume

     ○ Outdoor worship included in this

     ○ Masked and appropriately distanced

          ■ Masks may be removed when family groups are in their designated areas

     ○ COVID liability waiver

● Worship remains live-streamed

    ○ Less than ten people, masked and appropriately distanced

● Small outdoor gatherings may continue with previous restrictions

For the "At-A-Glace" Document check here

For the Detailed Strategy check here

Our data points are based on cases per 100,000 in Hinds county. You can find up to date data at



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