Introduction to Congregation from the Pastor Search Committee February 26, 2018:

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that the Pastor Search Committee recommends Rev. Courtney Stamey as the next Senior Pastor of Northside Baptist Church.  Through our process of discernment and deliberation, Courtney emerged as the top candidate of every member of the Pastor Search Committee.  After identifying her as the top candidate, we pursued further discussions with Courtney and then hosted Courtney and her husband Michael as they visited Clinton several weeks ago.  That personal visit only solidified the Committee’s belief in Courtney’s candidacy, and the Committee unanimously agreed to offer her the Senior Pastor position.  Courtney has accepted that offer subject to the approval of the Church body as set forth in our Bylaws.


Our unanimous recommendation of Rev. Stamey is the culmination of 9 months of steady work since our Committee was commissioned by the Church.  It comes after countless hours of prayerful study, deliberation, and discernment.  The Committee met together in person more than 30 times.  Each member spent significant time outside of those meetings studying materials submitted by candidates.  Throughout the process, we prayed for wisdom and discernment, and indeed have felt the Spirit moving among us, particularly in the last 2 months as we have narrowed our focus and arrived at this recommendation.   We say this so that you will know that we all took our responsibility to you and our Church seriously and have put much time, effort, and prayer into this process.  

While reviewing applicants, the Committee kept in mind what the Church stated it was looking for in the next Senior Pastor in the survey and the Listening Session that we held on October 1.  Among the top qualities that the Church body was seeking was a minister with a passion for loving God and people; a quality preacher; a thoughtful caregiver; a person who was approachable and a good listener; and a humble servant who will work in collaboration with others.  Courtney is the embodiment of all of those qualities and many more that will equip her to serve our community with care, kindness, and vision. 

We are confident that as you get to know Courtney that you will, like all members of the Committee, come to love her and be excited about the work she can do among us.  We have put together this packet of introductory materials so that you can begin the process of getting to know Courtney and Michael as we have.  Additional materials will be shared in the coming days, and the Church will get the opportunity to meet Courtney and Michael and hear Courtney preach on the weekend of March 18.  At the conclusion of the Sunday morning service on March 18, a vote on Courtney’s candidacy will be held in accordance with the Church’s Bylaws.   

One of Courtney’s core ministerial beliefs is that belonging is at the center of the Kingdom of God.  Northside is a church that has honored the Kingdom values of belonging and welcome from its founding and through the following 49 years.  Our front sign proclaims: ALL ARE WELCOME.  All people belong here, because all people belong to God.  The Committee believes that Courtney belongs here; that she is the perfect fit to shepherd Northside Baptist Church as it continues to live into its Gospel vision of Proclaiming, Caring, Sharing, and Growing. 


The Pastor Search Committee

Committee Members:

Graham Carner (Chair)

Jason Coker (Communications)

Martha Hutson (Recorder)

Heather Ivery

Linda Livingston

James Stringer

Buddy Wagner