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Our Worship Experience


For Baptist life in our corner of the world, we worship in a style that is uncommon. We recognize the liturgical heritage of the Christian tradition by following the lectionary, uniting our scriptural focus with the larger church around the world. The rhythm of the church year is one with which we feel very comfortable, as the colors and symbols call us to deeper reflection on the meaning of each of the seasons.  We appreciate the function of music as part of our worship experience, and sing hymns, both old and new, accompanied by piano and organ.  We honor the gifts of all our members, male, female, and youth, as lay leaders in our corporate worship, always focused on God and not ourselves.  

Our distinctive worship style is reflective of other Baptist churches across the nation that are affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, as Northside is, on both the state and national levels.  As a diverse body of believers, we honor the diversity of the body of Christ.   We are characterized by a warm welcome to both members and visitors; a deep caring for one another; a heart for international and local ministries; a devotion to individual and corporate spiritual formation; an acknowledgement of the gifts of all; and a vibrant worship.  Come and join us—there is a place for you!

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