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Richard Brogan Lecture Series


The Richard Brogan Lecture Series is sponsored each year since 1987  by the Christian Formation Team.  The series is dedicated to the memory of Rev. Richard Brogan, a long-time pioneer in race relations and advocate for human rights through his ministries with the Mississippi Baptist Convention, his friendships and cooperative ministries with the National Baptist Convention, and his pastorates in Mississippi.  He served as President of Mississippi Baptist Seminary, led the CBF initiative of Delta Dawning in the state, and served as a chaplain for Hospice Ministries.  Speakers for the Saturday-Sunday program have included Nancy Hastings Sehested, Frank Stagg, James M. Dunn, K. Hollyn Hollman, and Bill Leonard.  The Christian Formation Team also sponsors opportunities during each Lenten season for spiritual growth.  These range from book studies in small groups and/or large groups with discussions to follow, light luncheons with a variety of speakers, etc.

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