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Northside Baptist Deacons


Deacons at Northside are called to be servants within the church. Their task is the humble work of caregiving, listening, visiting, and praying for our members. Deacons serve for three years, and our 2022 chair is Margaret Drummond.



2023 Deacons

Bradley Freeny (1 year)

Dereck Davis (1)

Bart Mayfield (1)

Margaret Drummond (1)

Buddy Wagner (2)

Greg Gearhart, Chair (2)

Toney Keeler (2)

Ruth Randman (2)

Bradley Lewis (3)

James Stringer (3)

Mary Etta Carner (3)

Nancy Leigh Strum (3)


Deacon Duties (Derived from section 4, Item (1) of Constitution and Bylaws)

  • Assist with serving Communion at the 10:30 service on the first Sunday of each month and other times that Communion is offered.

  • Provide Communion to homebound members on caregiving list.

  • Obtain birthdays and anniversaries of members on caregiving list.

  • Invite and provide a table for your caregiving group during the Seder Meal offered on Maundy Thursday evening during Lent.

  • Assist in serving sweet rolls and coffee during the Moravian Love Feast held on a Sunday evening during Advent.

  • Evaluate the performance of the pastor (each April).



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